Mieczysław Glass

In the night of June 21 to 22, 1943, Wellington Mark X with registration number HE327 was on its way to Krefeld. On board of the bomber of 300 squadron 300, recognizable by the letters BH with i...

Posted by / February 16, 2024

Czesław Oberdak

The Polish victim of Woeste Hoeve remained forgotten for a long time

His name was unknown for a long time, Czesław Oberdak. After the mass execution at Woeste Hoeve in 1945 he was not identif...

Posted by / November 26, 2023

Tadeusz Józef Kołoszczyk

During a ‘ramrod’ mission, pilot Kołoszczyk experiences technical problems with his Mustang Mark III, FZ196 UZ-D of the 306 squadron. His plane crashes near eghel (map ref...

Posted by / September 14, 2022

Why this site?

Why this site?

That Poland was an important part of the Allied forces during World War Two is becoming more and more known in the Netherlands. They are best known for their liberation of Bred...

Posted by / August 27, 2021