The initiators and partners

This website is a branch of the Dutch portal ‘Polen in Beeld’, a private initiative. The initiators brought together various partners to support the goal of Polen in Beeld – to promote Polish Culture and History in the Netherlands – with this digital monument. This website highlights the Polish contribution in the fight against oppression and subsequent sacrifices made.

The partners are:

Oorlogsgravenstichting / Polish wargraves

In the past, a lot of work was done by Jos van Alphen, who brought together an extensive overview of Polish wargraves on the ‘Polish Wargraves’ website. Although this site contains many more graves than those the Netherlands alone, the graves of the Polish paratroopers who fought in September 1944 are missing.

After the death of Jos van Alphen, ‘Polish Wargraves’ was transferred to the Oorlogsgravenstichting (The Dutch wargraves foundation). They keep the site up and running but its content is not updated. They support our initiative and give us permission to use the information on their site as a basis. We update the information and enhance it where possible.

Stichting Driel Polen

For years Polen in Beeld has been working together with Stichting Driel Polenl Polen, which annually organizes the commemoration of the Polish contribution to Market Garden and the battle in and around Driel. They support this website by providing knowledge and expertise about the Polish victims who died in that battle.

The organization has a ‘Roll of Honour’ online with the soldiers who died during the operation Market Garden. It also lists the Polish paratroopers. We update the information and enhance it where possible.

Maczek Memorial Breda

The foundation of the Maczek Memorial also supports our initiative. Located at the largest Polish war cemetery in Breda, they possess a wealth of knowledge that we can use for this website.


This website is a private initiative that would never have been possible without the financial support of the Mondriaanfonds and its Grassroots Scheme. They honoured our partner-supported request that allowed us to create this site.