Stanisław Bielieniec

Stanisław Bielieniec
© Polish Wargraves
22 September 1921, Niercze p. Hrubieszów
12 April 1945, Buinen

Stanisław Bielieniec
Plot E, Row 5, Grave 11
Earlier grave:
Algemene begraafplaats, Borger

The photo below can be found in the NIMH image bank with the following caption: “The war grave of a soldier from the 10th Dragoons Regiment of the 1st Polish Armoured Division who got killed during the fighting for Borger-Buinen. The grave features the victim’s helmet, flowers, a Dutch flag and a sign with the text “Remember those who fell”.

Given the designation “Borger-Buinen” it could also be the grave of Stanisław Kowalczyk. However, given that Kowalczykwas first buried in Odoorn before being transferred to Breda, it is more likely that this is Bieliniec’s grave. The writer Harold de Jong, who did a lot of research in the region for his book  Poolse strijders over de Hondsrug, confirms this.