Alexander Adamski

Alexander Adamski
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07 January 1920, Kraków
12 March 1945, Hofplein, Rotterdam

Alexander Adamski

Adamski was shot dead on March 12, 1945. He was one of a total of forty ‘Todeskandidaten’ who were executed by the German occupier in reprisal for an attack on an official of the Ordnungspolizei and the liquidation of a German SD member and a Dutch helper.

Twenty men died before the firing squad on the Pleinweg in South Rotterdam. Twenty men were also shot dead on Hofplein, including Alexander Adamski. A simple bronze cross on the Hofplein with the text ‘For those who fell’ reminds us of this. His name is engraved in the stone near this cross.

Adamski was imprisoned in the Oranjehotel, the prison of Scheveningen. His name therefore is found in part two of the four ‘Doodenboeken’ (Books of the Dead). The ‘Doodenboeken’, containing photos and curricula vitae of 745 people who were imprisoned for a shorter or longer period of time in the Oranjehotel in Scheveningen during the Second World War and subsequently died at the hands of the occupying forces 1940-1945. His photo and description can be found in Part 2, page 205:

The images above show the front cover, index with the name and the page with Alexander Adamski’s details. Source: Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Stichting Oranjehotel: Doodenboeken, nummer toegang 2.19.136, inventarisnummer 2 (CCO)

This Polish student joined the resistance in the Netherlands. He is buried in Rotterdam Crooswijk in a section with other killed members of the resistance.

Veld met graven van verzetsleden. HEt graf van Adamski ligt met nummer 36 links halverwege de rij.
Field with graves of resistance members. Adamski’s grave is number 36 on the left, halfway down the row.

In Voorschoten, in a neighborhood where the street names commemorate resistance members, there is also a street with his name: